About MetSO

MetSO Rehearsal - Churchlands

The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (MetSO) was established in 1977 to promote and encourage interest in orchestral music and since then has attracted members from across the Perth metropolitan area.

Over the last three decades, hundreds of dedicated amateur musicians have played with the orchestra. The membership includes music teachers past and present, former professional players, students of music and amateur performers, united by a common interest and passion – music.

MetSO has performed a wide variety of works ranging from major symphonies through light classical pieces to popular themes as well as works rarely before performed in Western Australia. In 2012, Chris Dragon was appointed Artistic Director of the orchestra.

The orchestra has accompanied numerous professional instrumental and vocal soloists and been directed by both professional and amateur conductors. Conductors over recent years have included Burhan Güner, Olli Cuneo, Bruce Herriman, Kevin Gillam, Jon Tooby, Alan Lourens, Chris Sears and Jessica Gethin. These and other conductors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the orchestra, as well as providing invaluable tuition to the members during rehearsals. Usually, there are between 45 and 50 musicians in the orchestra, depending upon what is being performed. Professional players have sometimes been engaged in key positions for limited seasons, thereby allowing the orchestra to perform works that it might otherwise not be able to perform.